Senior Product Development Associate 7-10发布 9-11K/月


每周工作5天 月薪

工作经验 5-10年



U.S. Company Seeks Senior Product Development Associate for Mainland China (Full-Time Home-Based)
Job content:
1、Assist the supervisor to develop new products, including doing market research, looking for potential suppliers to meet the requirements, auditing and confirming the qualifications and the establishment of qualified supplier files.
2、Assist the supervisor and the supplier to negotiate prices, confirm the relevant certification, payment methods, delivery date, payment, etc.;
3、Assist the supervisor to conduct procurement progress tracking, tracking the progress of the purchase order;
4、Timely communication with suppliers to ensure smooth production and delivery on schedule;
5、Assist the supervisor to contact the freight forwarder, and suppliers to coordinate the inspection and shipment of goods and other matters;
6、Assist the supervisor to complete other work.

II. Position Requirements
1. Location: Mainland China.
2. 5-8 years of experience in developing new products, purchasing or supply chain related work experience, able to independently solve problems in the work, quickly and efficiently complete all tasks.
3. Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous and conscientious work.
4. have strong search, inquiry ability.
5. strong learning ability

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