Consultant 2021-11-01发布 面议


每周工作5天 月薪


学历要求 硕士


1.You will assist in the operation of 2022 APAC Oral Care International Exchange Summit ( 2022.03.29-03.31 , HK ) Project , participate in planning ,coordination, cooperation and negotiation , so as to promote the great success of the project.
2.Research topics for presentations at the summit and match them to target companies
3.Communicate with the target company's
founding team and ask them to send their
representatives to speak and become sponsors of the summit
4.Find other sponsors for the summit

1.Major in dentistry, business (Analysis,statistics, business administration ) is preferred
Internship experience in consulting industry & dental clinics is preferred
2.Fluent in Chinese and English
3.Strong Analytical ability, communication and quantitative skills

Interested , send your resume, add your " name + subjects + job role + working start date " or interview video to

work online remotely ! Enjoy monthly internship payment and project bonus , Excellent ability to work, there will be a letter of recommendation .